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Ever wanted to get rid of the scourge of the web that is Adobe Flash, but still retain the ability to view Flash whenever you want? With ClickToFlash, you can!
Cooliris (formerly PicLens) is a plug-in for Safari that delivers an immersive full-screen experience for viewing photos on the Web.
CosmoPod is a Safari add-on that helps you download and convert Flash, DivX, WMV and Real Media videos from the Internet to your Mac / iPod / iPhone / AppleTV automatically.
Download Comment
When you download things in Safari, DownloadComment will put the original URL into the saved file's Spotlight Comments.
The add-on saves the URLs you were visiting when Safari quits, and reloads those same websites for you when you start Safari again.
GreaseKit (CreamMonkey)
GreaseKit is a SIMBL plugin, that adds user scripting to Safari and all WebKit applications.
HistoryHound scans your browser’s cache, history, and bookmarks periodically to keep its search index up to date.
A plugin for Safari that adds keyword search to the browser’s location bar.
Macte! Safari Toolbar
Macte! Toolbar is the first custom-made toolbar for Safari ever made. It is an easy-to-use extension that provides quick access to major web services.
PDF Browser Plugin
PDF Browser Plugin turns your web browser into the best PDF viewer available. With the help of PDF Browser Plugin you can view PDF documents directly in your web browser, print them, and save them to disk if you'd like to keep them.
PithHelmet is an extended site preferences and ad blocking plugin for Apple's Safari browser. The basic purpose of the plugin is to empower you the user to view the web as you like.
Safari AdBlock
Safari AdBlock blocks ads in Safari.
Safari BookmarkChecker
SafariBookmarkChecker allows you check the validity of your Safari Bookmarks, FAST !, ie it can check 1’000 bookmarks in less than 2 minutes on a 1GHz machine.
Safari Cookies
Safari Cookies is the only cookie manager built for Mac OS X 10.5+ to integrate directly into Safari, for minimum disruption to your browsing experience.
Safari Prairiefire
This application is designed to clean up Safari’s bookmarks jungle. Prairiefire lists all bookmarks, scans for dead and missing links, and allows the user to delete or edit any bookmarks.
Safari Tidy plug-in
The Safari Tidy plugin is a small plugin that lets you validate the webpages you browse for (x)html compliance. The actual validation is done by Tidy and the W3C validator.
post direct-to-twitter from safari. auto-fills with the current site. auto-shortens long urls.
SafariBlock helps to provide a seamless extension to Safari Web Browser that supports ad-blocking. It is by design an imitation of Firefox's AdBlock extension, written because I love AdBlock, but I prefer to use Safari on Mac OS X.
Safarilicious parses your Safari bookmarks and allows to export them to your account. And even more, it has a nifty Update Option which, if activated, only exports those bookmarks which are not on your account yet.
SafariSource is a SIMBL plugin that adds syntax coloring to Safari's source view.
SafariStand adds a few helpful features to make Safari easier to use.
Saft is a Safari plugin to add features like draggable tabs, full-screen browsing, searchable bookmarks and history, URL shortcuts, kiosk mode and more. - fast search right from a browser window! The add-on is written for Russian audience, its language is Russian
Stumbi is a lightweight, feature-packed StumbleUpon plugin, the only one compatible with Safari.
TabExposé is a Safari add-on that enables you to view all open tabs in Safari the same way Exposé displays all open windows on your Desktop.