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Reviews for Best Youtube Downloader for Mac OS

by Zizsig on October 11, 2015
No download button after installation unfortunately...
Hence useless softare :(

by Sid on June 18, 2015
Works completely fine !
Amazed !

by Twyla on June 17, 2015
Sorry. Does not work

by Mr Aaron Cross on May 6, 2015
Shovelware. Simply doesn't work. No download button appears. Don;t waste your time.

by yalinosgb on April 11, 2014
En guzel safari uygulamalarindan biri. Mp3 download etmenin en guzel yolu.

by Amigo on November 4, 2013
The extension is the most stable downloader available on the market so far.


by anto on September 1, 2012
it doesn't work on my mac [10.7.4] with this message on screen: "An error occurred while installing the extension “Best Youtube Downloader”.

by VondyUckermann on July 12, 2012
ESlovaQiA Lowes You Safari ! :DDD

by Meedo on April 6, 2012
I think you can find version for Chrome and Firefox here:

by Astra on April 6, 2012
Do you have Best Youtube Downloader for Google Chrome as well? ...

by speaker on April 1, 2012
It works perfectly for me.

by vibou on March 1, 2012
Would be awesome to allow MP3 download :D

by MichaelP on February 23, 2012
And the new version works fine for me with https now

by MichaelP on February 23, 2012
It works as promised.

by Cagalera on February 17, 2012
I'm sorry for my previous review... i must say that it works fine but NOT for secured connections like if you use a secured connection the button is not being displayed, so i think that the plugin should be fixed or at least show a notice to let the user know what's happening... Just my 2 cents

by Amigo on February 17, 2012
This is the best downloader I tried so far - simple, stable and reliable. And it doesn't freeze my browser like the one I used before.

Thank you for sharing.