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kyaniblueberry Search Engine

by kathycollins33

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Updated January 16, 2013

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Long Description

About this Add-on
This is the official Kyani Blueberry extension for you to search for best nutrition products. This add-on is for people who absolutely love the idea of avoiding unexpected hospital trips, using healthy Kyani products. Using the Kyani Blueberry add – on, you can search for various Kyani products like Health extreme triangle, sunrise, sunset, Nitro FX, Nitro extreme, etc.

Kyäni’s mission is to help people Experience More; more health, more money, more freedom, more life. We accomplish this through our high impact nutrition products, a highly lucrative compensation plan, Kyäni Caring Hands (a charity that reaches out to the needy children of the world), and a great organizational culture which teaches people to grow and contribute to humanity.
You choose the level of involvement that would best suit you! It may be the products that provide the opportunity to experience more health and life. It may be the business opportunity that allows you to dream again, and help others in the process. It may be reaching out to the needy children of the world to help them ascend out of poverty. It may be an organization that believes in you and helps you regain hope, and develop the skills you need to grow and become more. It may be a combination of these reasons, but whatever it is, Kyäni will help you Experience More.
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Works with:

  • Safari: 5 – 5


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How to install:-

User can add this addon by download the file, after downloading the file with extension .safariextz, just double click it and it will ask you to install the file and after installation, it will locate the extension on safari window.

Version — January 16, 2013 — 5,670 KB

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