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by shellysamuel

This is the official Mute Swan extension for Safari.

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Updated December 29, 2012

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Long Description

This is the official Mute Swan extension for Firefox. This add-on is for people who love and believe in the sacred in ordinary events, even times of trial and loss. For those, who treasure the beauty of God, would find this add-on for The Mute Swan very helpful as we customize all our features to make your search for peace, happiness, related books, prayers and art easier. Using the The Mute Swan add – on, you can search for various projects conducted by The Mute Swan and their blog, Thomas Mertons’s books, prayers, art, blog, gallery and friends.
This add-on can also help you in searching workshops, community services, store products and online orders.


The Mute Swan Ministry is the result of a spiritual quest for hope and healing in life. Each of us need, and are inspired and encouraged by the blessings and graces of people along the way who have shared the beauty within their lives, the goodness of God, and the light of truth.
Browse through all the projects, books, prayers and arts of The Mute Swan here:

For the latest updates you can also:

- Give The Mute Swan a call: 415-797-SWAN (7926)
- Become a Facebook Fan:
- Subscribe to our RSS Feeds:


Please see our plug-in page


To use the add-on, simply enter your search query in the search tab plug-in and hit enter to "Search The Mute Swan ". Results are displayed for you at

To set add-on preferences go to Tools>Add-ons in the Firefox menu bar. Locate “The Mute Swan search' in the Add-ons window list and click the 'Options' button. From here you can:

* Show/hide The Mute Swan icon in context menu
* Set sort order preference
* Open searches in background, foreground or current tab

Works with:

  • Safari: 5 – 5


Support for this add-on is provided by the developer at or by sending an e-mail to

Advanced Details

Developer Comments

To add this addon, just download it and after download just click the downloaded file and it will ask you to install and click install to add this extension in your safari browser.

Version — December 29, 2012 — 622 KB

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