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powerchryslerjeepdodge Search Engine

by hryan112

used cars phoenix,
jeep phoenix,
dodge phoenix,
chrysler phoenix,
ram phoenix

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Updated December 28, 2012

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Long Description

This is the official extension for Safari. The add-on fetches pertinent information specific to the keywords entered. One can get results for New makes and models, pre owned and certified, stock available on each model. One can also make the search by the models available, price and body style.
Provides pertinent information to those who are either looking to buy their favorite set of wheels. The add-on works perfectly to find the financing options, vehicle locator, parts & services, accessories, dealership, vehicle incentives & legal notification.
The staff at Power Chrysler Jeep Dodge proudly offers the newest Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep cars in the Phoenix, AZ region. They have an impressive selection of used cars, trucks and SUVs by the industry's top manufacturers. Their experienced sales staff can point a potential buyer in the right direction based on individual vehicle needs. Offering competitive financing, top tier service and a fully stocked inventory of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep automotive parts.
For more details, please refer to the website -

Please see our Power Chrysler Jeep Dodge plugins page


To use the add-on, simply right-click on any web image and select "Search power Chrysler jeep dodge" from the context menu. Results are displayed for you at

To set add-on preferences go to Tools>Add-ons in the Safari menu bar. Locate ‘Power Chrysler Jeep Dodge search' in the Add-ons window list and click the 'Options' button. From here you can:

* Show/hide Power Chrysler Jeep Dodge icon in context menu
* Select setting icon for preferences
* Select Extensions and click uninstall for this extension

Works with:

  • Safari: 5 – 5

Advanced Details

Version — December 28, 2012 — 65 KB

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