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Better Pinboard: Keyboard Shortcuts & More 1.61

by dep

Better Pinboard enhances popular bookmarking site with extended keyboard shortcuts, toolbar access, and more!

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Updated June 14, 2012

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Better Pinboard enhances popular bookmarking site

Keyboard Shortcuts: By default, Pinboard allows you to jump around within the site, but doesn't give you a whole lot of bookmark navigation or manipulation options. This will also enable you to "leap" to a tag or combination of tags without ever using the mouse. See below for the keyboard shortcuts that this extension will give you.

"To Read" becomes "To Do": We use Pinboard for lots of things. Not just articles, but videos, games, pictures. Not everything is something you "read." One thing that has always bothered me about Pinboard is that this section is titled "To Read." This extension also "renames" this section to "To do." Furthermore, instead of marking things as "read," you now mark things as "done." I just think it works a lot better.

Mini Pinboard! Access your bookmarks from anywhere with a convenient menu bar icon.

Type-ahead! With a quick "\" you enter type-ahead mode, which allows you to quickly filter out any bookmarks that do not match the title of what you type.

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Support for this add-on is provided by the developer at or by sending an e-mail to

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Version 1.61 — June 14, 2012 — 54 KB

Making "enhanced styles" a preference.

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